Wonderful Invention of Google Glass Technology, See Google Glass Features

Google Glass, as the most mysterious product, is currently featured in the technology world. The idea is that the search giant Google is coming to market at the end of the year, the smart glass. Maybe the concept of smartphones will change the next day. The use of smartphones and maybe a lot can be reduced.

The glass of the name, but it looks like normal glasses. There is no visible glass in it. Not only will it be a mistake to say a small display of a small display on the frame size of the glasses. It’s an Android-powered and this smartphone also has the opportunity to connect to wireless internet and smartphones.

Take Pictures of Eyes

The biggest advantage of Google Glass is that the user does not have to touch the user to handle any of these options. It is possible to get both works done through voice commands or voice commands. If you open the camera options, then the pictures will be drawn when you have an eyeball. The image of the person who will be photographed in the eyes of the eye will be taken.

Works as a guide for the journey

The biggest feature of Google Glass is its mapping feature. Because on a small display the device will bring the entire world map to your eyes. In addition to reaching the exact destination, you have to add GPS technology to unfamiliar places.

Audio-Video Calling Facility

It can be easily compared with smartphones, with the help of audio-video calls easily. During the video call, the face of the eye will come in the face of your friends at the other end. But the most interesting thing is that you can show your friend what you see in front of your eyes through this video call. For this reason, many people have already thought about using it for intelligence purposes.

Can be Used as a Reminder

For any reason, do not forget that when working due to lack of time, the glass has reminder options for their cooperation. If the reminder is initially launched, then this message can be reminded to remind you of the message. At the same time, you can show and read much important information during travel.

Able to Predict the Weather

With the help of a wireless internet connection, it can easily forecast weather. By doing this you will be able to move on to the weather before seeing the weather. Both time and harassment will be less.


Works as a message reader

If you are associated with the memorabilia, then the smartphone message will come in your glass. But this message will not work if you do not have trouble. The built-in active reading system can help you read your message.

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