This Terms of Service Updated 12 February 2019.


Introduction to Terms of Service

Welcome to Wikidesks. If you want to use Wikidesks.com you need to read terms.

Using Wikidesks.com

1. Terms of Service

If you want to use our services you need to agree our Term of Service. or disagree on our Term of Service you cannot use our services.

We can change these Terms at any time. We’ll let you know when we update or change our Term of Service. Also, you need to agree with our new Terms. If you don’t agree with our new terms you can not use our service and you should delete your account.

2. Privacy Policy

When you agree with our Terms also you need to follow and agree our Privacy Policy. By using Wikidesks.com accept our Privacy Policy regardless of whether you are a registered user.

3. Who Can Use Wikidesks

Use of the Wikidesks by anyone under 13 years of age is prohibited. If a young person below wants to speak, then their legal guardian should know about our privacy and accept those and who will be responsible for all the responsible use of behalf.

4. Registration

When you want to register with Wikidesks you need to provide your real name, email and other information. Also, You need to agree with our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. After registering your account you need to verify your account, then you can continue Wikidesks.com.