10 Best Tips to Extend Smart Phone Battery Life

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We are sharing Best Tips to Extend Smart Phone Battery Life. Recently the smartphone battery explosion is happening. Many people are concerned about lithium-ion batteries. Many of these smartphones and technologies have seen the use of this battery. But experts say there is nothing to fear about lithium-ion batteries. The battery is less likely to cause accidents. By charging the rules, you can keep the phone’s battery good and reduce the risk of accidents.

1. Charge The New Phone Long Time

When we buy a new smartphone, it’s easy to use. But do not think I need to charge it. Buy a new mobile, charge less for 8-10 hours. When the battery is fully charged, then the mobile will be separated from the charger. This will increase your battery life expectancy.

2. Try to Avoid Overheat Your Smartphone

Many times we see the phone overheats when charging the phone. Again, it is seen that excessive use or longer time playing games or browsing the internet for a long time, the phone is overheating. They have to be avoided. It should be noted that when the phone is overheating, the usage should be reduced.

Keep a mobile phone in a cool place. That is, at normal temperature. Mobile phones cannot be kept in hot places. This can cause overheat or battery problems or may explode. According to OnePlus Product Manager, the ideal charging temperature is between 20-30 degree Celsius.

3. Avoid Fast Charging.

The phone made a big pressure for the fast charged battery. Avoid fast charging on the phone. Slow speed charging is good for all batteries. Lower the pressure on the battery. Many times we use fast charge when we leave home quickly It’s harmful to the phone’s battery. To avoid it, we can charge at a slow speed in the night.

4. Avoid Using Your Phone While Charging

We always have a bad habit of phone charging. We use the phone when the phone is charging. It prevents battery charging. We need to avoid using the phone while it is charging. Xolo says, that small loads of load and battery prevented the entire charging cycle from entering.

5. Don’t Use Third-party Charger

One of the important things is to use your phone company’s own charger. If your phone is fast-charged, then the company’s own charger must be used. High power chargers can charge up to 70 percent of the device quickly, but it can damage the process even if it is not optimized properly. So the phone company’s own charger should be used, so your phone battery will be long.

6. Don’t Put Your Phone on The Charger Whole Night

Do not keep the charger for a long time. Many people charge the phone while sleeping at night, because of this, due to this there is a continuous connection after fully charged. Leave this habit, otherwise, the battery will be damaged.

7. Turn Down The Screen Brightness

The smartphone screen uses the most battery. Turning down the screen brightness will save energy. In this case, reducing excess brightness automatically adjust screen brightness and stores battery low light.

The battery power cannot be consumed by automatic brightness. Sensors cost the cost of automatic batteries. In this case, if low brightness is set, then the battery costs less.

8. Remove Unnecessary Apps

Unnecessary apps slow down the phone and reduce the battery life. The battery is lasting when unnecessary apps are removed from the phone.

9. Charge Your Phone to 50% For Long Term Storage

Keep charging more on your mobile phone. Lithium-ion batteries keep the charge at 50 percent or more. If you charge more, the battery will be better. Change the amount of battery filling completely and replacing it with 100%. It reduces battery life. Experts say, refilling 100 to zero is called ‘charge cycle’. You can fill the charge cycle once a month. This will increase battery performance.

10. Keep charge even when the battery is open

If you want to open the battery, keep it at least 50 percent of the charge. Do not keep any phone in zero charges for more than a day. The Li-ion battery also consumes 5 to 10 percent per month in unused condition. It is a bit dependent on construction. If you keep charging more and more days, the battery may not be able to charge the charge.

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