How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress Website

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How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress Website

How to Add YouTube Subscribe Button in WordPress Website? This is a really simple method for you. Do you need to urge a lot of subscribers on your YouTube channel? Having a subscribe button on your website you can make it very simple for your guests to search out your videos and subscribe to your channel. In this article, we are going to show you the way to feature a YouTube subscribe button in WordPress. We will apply for 2 methods. You can use 2 or anyone.

Methode 1: How do you add a YouTube subscribe button on your website?

First, you need to visit Google Developer’s website for the YouTube subscribe button. Then put your YouTube Channel information.

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Once you open the link put your channel name layout, theme Your channel name must be the exact name of your Youtube Channel. You will get code automatically generated by Google. It can show a live preview of however your button will look on the website. Once you’re happy, merely scroll down to copy the embed code. You can see what the code looks like through the image below.


After getting the code you will need to log in to your WordPress website and go to Appearance> Widgets. In the Widgets where you are going to be dragging the text widget. And paste the YouTube subscribe button code into this form. After you have done correctly, you save।

Methode 2: How do you add a YouTube subscribe button using Plugin?

Another way you can add a YouTube Subscribe button using the plugin. This method is also very simple and easy. This method also will help you to make subscribers. First, you need to install and activate the YouTube Subscribe Bar plugin. Then click setting in the plugin.


After clicking the setting add your YouTube channel ID. You will also need to style the button layout, choose a button theme, and show subscribers count. Once you’re done, ensure to click on the Save Changes button to save lots of your settings. This plugin can mechanically show your YouTube Subscribe bar below each YouTube video on your website.

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